Quarter System Vs. Semester System?

Answer The quarter system and semester system in college are systems used to measure the length of time a student is in class. The quarter system employs the four quarters of the year, using the summer mo... Read More »

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What is a business quarter system?

Business quarter system is used by businesses worldwide to segment the year into four parts for reporting and analytical purposes. The company establishes its goals, objectives and schedules for ea... Read More »

The Quarter System at Community Colleges?

Some community colleges hold their courses in periods of quarters rather than semesters. Typically, the course material taught to students in both quarter and semester formats are identical. Howeve... Read More »

What Community Colleges Are on the Quarter System Around Irvine, California?

Most of California's 112 junior colleges follow a semester schedule. But three community colleges in the golden state have opted to use the quarter system. According to De Anza College, the nearest... Read More »

Myth or fact: You shouldn't run your car past a quarter of a tank due to 'trash' being pulled into your system?

It's ok to run low on fuel just don't run out with a fuel injected car from the 80's or early 90's you can hurt the injectors, the car doesn't know the difference it's a full blown myth for todays... Read More »