Quantitative Research on Learning Styles of Children?

Answer Researchers have identified three learning styles that children use to process new information. Visual learners need to look at pictures or read to comprehend new concepts; auditory learners need t... Read More »

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Research on Learning Styles in Mathematics?

Many children begin to struggle with mathematics at a young age. Math teachers often use a traditional curriculum that includes memorization of basic math facts and a standard method of solving pro... Read More »

Learning Styles in Children?

While there is some debate as to how many different types of ways that children learn, there tends to be agreement on three major types. These include visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Understandin... Read More »

A Learning Styles Test for Children?

Every elementary school student assimilates information from a teacher (or parent) in a different way. A learning styles assessment test helps educators determine the best way to teach a particula... Read More »

Educational Learning Styles in Children?

Every child is unique---they are different sizes, have different hair colors and like different foods. Each child also has different strengths in the classroom. By understanding the processes by wh... Read More »