Qual o melhor solo para a Rumohra?

Answer A Rumohra adiantiformis tolera quase todo tipo de solo, desde o barro ate a areia. Nao importa nem OS solos acidos. As do paises da Australia e da Nova Zelandia sao epifiticas. Sao plantas aereas, ... Read More »

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What is qual in camera?

It's one of the best cameras in the world!

Qual o HD dessa Placa de video 9800 GT 1GB DDR3 EVGA?

Placing your question in the right forum ensures that it is seen by people who can give you better information and more accurate answers. Yahoo! Answers is available in many countries and languages... Read More »

How can you get para flu?

Human Parainfluenza virus (hPIV) is passed from person to person through direct contact with the infected person or their respiratory droplets on surfaces from coughs or sneezes, just like any cold... Read More »

What does gravida 3 para 3 mean?

means pregnant three times, gave birth three times