Quaker Chewy Bars Nutrition?

Answer Quaker chewy bars are snacks that come in a variety of flavors. The bars provide the body with carbohydrates and, depending on the type of bar you buy, different amounts of sugar, fats and protein ... Read More »

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Who makes Zoe's Nutrition Bars?

Zoe's nutrition bars are manufactured by Zoe Foods, a self-described "small women-owned company" that targets baby boomers and women. It was founded by former business consultant and entrepreneur ... Read More »

Who makes Nashua nutrition bars?

Nashua Nutrition bars -- diet, diet meal replacement, nutrition and protein bars -- are made by the Nashua Nutrition company, which is headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire. Glenda Godshall founde... Read More »

What is the nutrition statutes in Tennessee and as a fitness nutrition specialist how will it affect your practice?

You need to contact the Tennessee Board of Health to get all the info on nutrition as pertains to your specialty. I believe you must also be licensed by the state.

If I get AT&T Wireless, I hear they give you more bars in more places. Do the extra bars have drink specials?

They have ladies night on Thursdays (call 1-900-for info)Karaoke on Fridays (must have mp3 on phone to play)No roaming charges for bar hoppingand Wednesday night "anytime is happy hour time" minutes.