Qué es la capoeira?

Answer La capoeira es una manifestación cultural formada por distintos componentes. Es baile, lucha, música, cánticos, expresión, juego…, una serie de elementos que forman una auténtica filosofía ... Read More »

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How to Be Good at Capoeira?

Are you active or loves sports? Want something different in martial arts? Want a martial art that combine dances, music, and martial arts? The answers is Capoeira! Here are the steps if you want to... Read More »

Where did capoeira originate?

Capoeira originated in an area of Brazil known as Quilombo dos Palmares during the 16th century. Palmares was home to a community of former slaves, mostly from Angola, who escaped captivity after b... Read More »

How to Learn Capoeira at Home?

Capoeira is an intriguingly beautiful, Afro-Brazilian mix of dance and martial arts that has been around for centuries. It is a challenging form of exercise that has become extremely popular all ov... Read More »

How to Execute the Armada Kick in Capoeira?

This kick may look difficult but it's actually pretty easy. This is one of the coolest moves to watch in a jogo and is one of the basics too.

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