Qestion about pain and a pill called OPANA?

Answer You were told correct this is a pretty powerful pill Please do Not take more then told trying to get relief because you can OD from it as it stays in the system a while as it is extended release.I... Read More »

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How painful is root canal Whats the best way to feel no pain Is there any pill to kill pain b4 visiting Dr?

I had my first root canal about a year ago and I was terrified because everyone always says how painful they are. Honestly it really wasn't that bad. I had mine in one of my back teeth which has a ... Read More »

Is there an anti inflamatory and pain killer in one pill?

yes - over the counter: ibuprofen. i have a fair amount of experience and education with ibuprofen, and if u r a male 160-180 lbs and u have considerable issues with pain/inflamation i would try 40... Read More »

What is a pill called Roxy?

Roxy's are short for roxycodon. It's an addictive pain reliever that is sold in the drug market. I hope he has a prescription.It can become really addictive.

Is there a birth control pill called nikon?

Yes, found it under Necon.Yes, found it under Necon.