QUick ! How much RAM is on your computer?

Answer 8mb but I'm thinking to upgrade to 16mb to run Vista

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Why don't you tell the head librarian? That doesn't sound like that big of a problem but it WILL be if they end up having to pay a bill for a repairman. Your parents can be held accountable for t... Read More »

Quick Computer/RAM question.?

For finding out what kind of RAM to use, my favorite app is CPU-Z's free, and doesn't need to install (so make a point to download it somewhere that you can find it, pref... Read More »

How to Quick Restore a Dell Computer?

The Dell Quick Restore utility allows you to restore your Dell computer's operating system to how it was when you first purchased the machine. Before you use this feature, you should be aware that ... Read More »

I found two viruses on my computer while i was doing a quick scan.?

I have McAfee, and it has caught and quarantined, i selected from the home page restore, and i sent them to McAfee, one at a time.