Q about metal plates in arm/elbow?

Answer I shattered and dislocated my wrist (radius) about a year and a half ago.I also had surgery and a plate and 8 pins in. I had to go to physical therapy.. Did you do physical therapy? Your surgeon an... Read More »

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How to Engrave Metal Plates?

Engraving is an art that's been practiced for thousands of years. The practice of hand engraving has continued through the ages, and the technique of engraving metal plates has changed very little.... Read More »

How do i cut metal license plates?

Specialty ShearsCut the license plate with a tin snips or metal shears while holding it steady. Metal shears often come in a right-hand, left-hand or neutral cutting pattern. If it will make a dif... Read More »

Are metal outlet plates safe to use?

On One Hand: Metal Outlet Plates Are SafeMetal outlet plates are safe if they were manufactured and tested by the maker of the electrical outlet and the outlet was installed correctly by a licensed... Read More »

About Nutrient Agar Petri Plates?

Bacteria, like all organisms, need an energy source to grow. Liquid nutrient broth medium, nutrient agar slants and petrifilms containing nutrient agar all provide growth materials for bacteria. Ma... Read More »