Q .How can I Become administrator in to Start my rural language ?


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Help !..How can I Become admistator in to Start my rural language ?

Please see this site:…Also, make sure that there really is no Wikipedia. Some languages, such as Herero or Tokipona, have a Wikipedia, even though they don... Read More »

How to Do Burning Off Safely (Rural and Semi Rural Properties)?

Burning off is the practice of using fire to reduce grass and other plants that could present a fire hazard to a property and surrounding properties during the fire season months (usually summer an... Read More »

Help .. I want to start writing ,in language, of my village ,in Wikipedia .How can we add a new language in ..?

Administer…Wikipedia:Requests for adminship

How to Disable the Administrator Log on at Start Up of Windows XP?

It can be difficult to remember all of your various passwords. You might have a password for your online bank account, email account and many other accounts. Therefore, you may not want the respons... Read More »