Q .How can I Become administrator in to Start my rural language ?


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Help !..How can I Become admistator in to Start my rural language ?

Please see this site:…Also, make sure that there really is no Wikipedia. Some languages, such as Herero or Tokipona, have a Wikipedia, even though they don... Read More »

Help .. I want to start writing ,in language, of my village ,in Wikipedia .How can we add a new language in ..?

Administer…Wikipedia:Requests for adminship

How to Do Burning Off Safely (Rural and Semi Rural Properties)?

Burning off is the practice of using fire to reduce grass and other plants that could present a fire hazard to a property and surrounding properties during the fire season months (usually summer an... Read More »

How to Become a Wikipedia Administrator?

The standards for becoming a Wikipedia administrator are getting increasingly tough as Wikipedia becomes more developed. Here are the steps and expectations on how to become an administrator.