Python Taylor's series help?

Answer Find the correct code + sample run here: queries, email or IM me.

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Why are converses called chuck taylors?

Chuck Taylors is shorthand for the line of Converse shoes called the Chuck Taylor All Stars, an iconic shoe that was designed for use by basketball players. Converse has sold more than 750 million ... Read More »

What is the best Sci-Fi TV for you I love too mach the TV Series Battlestar Galactica but I try to search for any other Sci-Fi TV Series in same quality of this Series in my opinion I cant.?

You may try , and like , Farscape and Firefly ; below are two relevant links that lead to additional information regarding both shows .

Please help me with Python?

I'm going to use the site you gave us for reference to show you where to find everything you need to learn.All of these require two things: prompting the users for input and performing basic mathem... Read More »

Can anyone tell me how to fix this on python?

Even if you are using Python 3, there's another step you'll have to perform to add two numbers.raw_input() in Pyhton 2 is the same as input() in Python 3. They both return a string, not integers. S... Read More »