Python Programming: How do I send program flow to some other part in the program?

Answer You might try something like this:while choice < 10 or choice > 20:    choice = input('Choose a number between 10 and 20: ')Another way you could do this:while True:    choice = input('Choo... Read More »

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How to Program a Python Remote for a Car?

One of the features that have become the most popular on vehicles around the world is the keyless entry remote system. Among the brands that offer this technology is Python, which produces keyless ... Read More »

Python 3 program help?

Equation:Surface area = 4*pi*r^2Volume = (4*pi*r^3)/3Code:Def F(n):#function returns the square and cube of n in a tuple >>> square = n*n>>> cube = square * n>>> return (square,cube)Def X(r):#calcu... Read More »

How to Program in Python With Pygame?

In this article we will attempt to teach you to become a "programmer," not a "Python programmer." This article will be looking at the ideas behind the code, instead of the code itself.