Pyramid Projects for the Sixth Grade?

Answer Many students are captivated by ancient Egyptian culture and its most recognizable symbol, the pyramid. Some students may also know that Mesoamerican cultures, such as the Aztec and Maya, also buil... Read More »

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Sixth Grade Art Projects?

Children will learn about art movements, techniques and concepts by creating projects that incorporate these ideas. In sixth grade, kids are ready for more challenging art projects to prevent bored... Read More »

Fifth/Sixth Grade Art Projects?

Children are at their most creative when you allow them to use their imagination without boundaries, and art class is one of the best venues for this creative thought. In the fifth and sixth grades... Read More »

Sixth Grade Landscaping Projects?

Sixth grade landscaping projects offer students an abundance of educational opportunities. Sixth graders have a great deal of energy that you can harness by incorporating landscaping projects into ... Read More »

Parachute Projects for the Sixth Grade?

Toy parachutes are an apt illustration for teaching the principles of gravity to middle school students. Several projects are appropriate for sixth-grade science students that not only explore the ... Read More »