Putting pressure on a bruise, good or bad?

Answer It depends. If it's a recent bruise, gentle compression, like an Ace bandage, can help reduce swelling. Don't wrap it tightly, because that can be counterproductive. WebMD doesn't recommend wrappin... Read More »

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What happens if I put pressure on a bad bruise?

It is just a bruise most likely. The lump you feel could be scar tissue. And there could be some swelling. Apply cool moist compresses which should help the swelling go down.

Shoe is putting to much pressure on my toe when I walk?

Thats really bad for you.It would be better, if you ask a doctor.Best wishes!

Does putting your hand in ice water lower your blood pressure?

When males put their hands in ice water, it has been observed that blood pressure rises significantly. Females, on the other hand, show no changes in blood pressure during immersion, according to a... Read More »

Does one have to leave a space when putting down a pressure-treated lumber deck floor?

You do not have to leave a space between pressure-treated deck boards when installing a deck floor. The wood will shrink and a gap will form naturally. Some people prefer slightly larger gaps betwe... Read More »