Putting on a play with 2 children ages 7 and 12.?

Answer little red riding hood

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What can two children ages 15 and 10 do if they've been abused by mom's boyfriend and judge denies a restraining order of protectionare with non-custodial father but children want to live with father?

Answer Being that those kids are of school age, if they talk to counselors at school, the counselors have to report the abuse. They have no choice. Or when the abuse happens, the kids need to dial... Read More »

Field Day Games for Children Ages 5-12?

Field day typically occurs in the spring and is a day of games and interaction to celebrate another year of school. Many schools structure field day into stations with team and individual events. G... Read More »

Feelings Games for Children Ages 3 to 4?

Children aged 3 to 4 years old are developing emotionally and are beginning to understand that emotions affect everyone. They understand others experience emotion and are able to name different emo... Read More »

Children Church Crafts for Ages 3 to 5?

For the very young Christian, Sunday school offers a chance at learning the ways of Christianity and the words of the Bible. Young learners are often visual and need examples and representations of... Read More »