Putting footage from a camcorder to DVD?

Answer The best way to go about it is to use an editing programme. You seem to be trying to make a data disk with Nero where you should be trying to make a DVD.If you use an editing programme it is very e... Read More »

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If I use a JVC camcorder to record footage, how do I get my footage from the camera to the computer?

Since you share absolutely NO USEFUL INFORMATION about your camcorder, you make it impossible for anyone to help you.

HELP: Capturing footage from DV Camcorder?

No, you'll need Firewire.The Firewire port is sometimes labeled '1394' on Windows laptops so double-check you've not got one. If you definitely don't have a Firewire port then adding one is difficu... Read More »

How do you put footage from a Canon MV530i camcorder to computer?

Have you tried rotating it?You are supposed to rotate it with the lens release button pushed to take it out.If its still stuck, you are better off taking it to a professional repair shop, or callin... Read More »

How to transfer camcorder footage to Computer?

No Windows MovieMaker cannot help you but you should try it this way Use a programme such as Ulead VideoStudio - you take the mini-disc out of your camcorder and put it into the DVD tray of your PC... Read More »