Putting coffee in the filter overnight, is that okay?

Answer Does the "okay" of your question refer to us coffeeholics?or does the "okay" refer to people that don't expect much from their coffee?to me coffee isn't just coffee,coffee has to be brewed fresh an... Read More »

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How to Convert a Basket Coffee Filter to Use in a Cone Coffee Maker?

The coffee-filter format quandary has confused new coffee drinkers for years. Whether you send a non-coffee drinker out to buy coffee filters or you accidentally grab the wrong type at the grocery ... Read More »

Putting the kettle on tea or coffee?

Why are coffee junkies always putting alcoholics down?

Have you ever heard of putting used coffee grounds in your garden?

Coffee by-products can be used in the garden and farm as follows:Sprinkle used grounds around plants before rain or watering, for a slow-release nitrogen. Add to compost piles to increase nitrogen ... Read More »