Putting a Pet to Rest?

Answer Installing a countertop with sections mitered at an angle can pose difficulties not found in other countertop installations. In order to go onto the cabinet frame cleanly, the connection has to be ... Read More »

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Is putting music on iphone 4s different than putting music on an ipod touch?

Should be the same. Ipod Touch is the same as iPhone, but without telephone features.

How to Rest?

So you know how you are always tired after a long exercise or run outside? Well this is an how to article just about resting! I know it sounds a little easy, but for some people it's not. This will... Read More »

How many rest days should i take?

depends on how you feel an how u trainremember each muscle as to be worked once a week40-60 mins a sessionso id say 1-2 rest days a weekan even on rest days have plenty of proteins

What should I eat on rest days?

Well, you certainly are a healthy weight for your height, i must say ::=). Unless you are a serious body-builder, just eat the same healthy diet you eat on workout days: a varied diet of whole gr... Read More »