Putting a Copier Hard Drive Into a Laptop?

Answer Some copiers come with internal hard drives that are used to save documents when they are copied, scanned or faxed. Once the document is scanned, the copier saves it to the hard drive where it is t... Read More »

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Can I just plug my existing hard drive into an identical Laptop?

No, there won't be an issue. I have switched HDs within identical systems before with no issues.I don't believe copies of Windows are registered to the motherboard. All the Windows COA codes do is ... Read More »

I'm trying to add my music files into itunes with a new laptop from an external hard drive. ?

Update Itunes, drag the music folder into itunes and drop it. Viola

How to Make a Computer Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive Kit?

If you no longer wish to use an internal desktop hard drive on its original computer, you can use an external hard drive enclosure to convert the drive from its internal interface to an external on... Read More »

How to Make an Internal Hard Drive Into an External Hard Drive?

We live in a mobile world. Laptop use has exploded, as has the use of external hard drives. Portable storage allows users to work on the same files, whether at home on their desktop, on a company w... Read More »