Putting Weight On To BEAT Anorexia?

Answer Try drinking one of these smoothies with every meal for a boost of calories!…Best of luck to you. ;-)

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Anorexia recovery and weight gain?

The reason is probably due to how you space out your meal. If you eat a huge meal but skip 2 meals or delay your 2 meals after that because you are full, chances are you will lose weight. This is b... Read More »

I'm 17, 5' 9", & 118 lbs recovering from anorexia. How many calories do I need to gain weight?

3000 calories a day should do the job. If after that you need to add or subtract, do it in 500 calorie intervals. xoxoxo

Having trouble losing baby weight and dealing with anorexia?

No, the gender of your baby has nothing to do with weight gain during pregnancy. I didn't bother to look at your pictures. If you've suffered from anorexia the last thing you need is someone judgin... Read More »

Is putting on weight a sign of pregnancy?

Answer It certainly can be a sign of pregnancy, but there are other, clearer signs of pregnancy (especially, missing your period). If your period is more than a few days late take a pregnancy test.... Read More »