Put video on Internet?

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How do you get a video from a SONY video camera on the internet?

Hi Hailey: Since you have your video file on an SD Card, if your laptop or computer doesn't have an SD card slot (some newer ones do) and if you don't have the correct cable (USB) for your friend's... Read More »

How to Download a Quicktime Video Off the Internet?

Many videos on the Internet are formatted for QuickTime, the Apple brand video player. Many of them can be viewed using your browser, but watching them strictly online may not be your first choice... Read More »

How do I video conference over the Internet?

How To Video Conference Online With SkypeDownload Skype to your computer by following the directions on Skype's homepage (see the link under References). Once on the home page, click the "Get Skype... Read More »

How to Compress Video Files for the Internet?

Compression when referring to file sizes, especially media files, refers to making a file smaller but still having the file readable and usable. When you compress video files, you will lose some qu... Read More »