Put peroxide in left ear and now right ear has weird sound.?

Answer (Why would you do that in the first place)

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Why does the left front of your Mercury Cougar sound like someone is tapping on a refrigerator compressor when you turn left at a corner?

Answer that means you need to replace your cv azel We have a 1991 Mercury Cougar LS which is not front wheel drive. We changed the inner tie rod ends and bellows. The right one seemed to be ok but... Read More »

Having really weird pain throughout my left leg?

ohh i have also this problem now i am feel very good from this problem. I can give you same suggestion of this and solve this early. You can get rid off it and make a solve it. I have also pain in ... Read More »

That weird sound....?

You mean when you hold in your gas and your tummy rumbles a little? That's your body redistributing and shifting around the contents of your bowels. You held in your gas when your body clearly want... Read More »

Does this sound weird to you?

Both passenger's in the front seat are supposed to wear their seat belt's . You should always carry your license and your insurance as well.