Puss Coming Out of Bellybutton! Help!?

Answer The answer is volume. The key is to get your belly-button pierced a second time and if - after five (5) years - the puss has doubled (volumetrically) then you know you've isolated the issue.

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Puss coming from eye?

Sounds like pink eye. Run away and then wash your hands!

There is puss coming out of my ear guage/stretcher?

try peroxide and neosporin, if that does not work you may to to take out the guage and go to a Doctor. It could lead to Blood infection with red line.

When will the puss stop coming out of my tongue piercing?

Don't worry It'll be totally fine. This may not happen to everyone but it's nothing serious. It should go away in a week, maybe a little less. That must be a pretty gross taste...puss EW!

Why si there a bunch of puss coming out of my mosquito bite?

You have a localized infection and will be fine. Clean the wound and apply some antibiotic ointment and it will be better tomorrow.