Purposes of a Fraternity in College?

Answer A fraternity is an association of men at the college level who are linked by a common interest. To become a member of a fraternity, pledges must go through rush week, where they're introduced to an... Read More »

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What college&fraternity was the movie"animal house"based on?

According to the book, "The Real Animal House", written by Chris Miller, co-author of the the screenplay for the National Lampoon movie, Dartmouth was the university and Alpha Delta Phi was the fra... Read More »

What are Texas's rules of residency for college tuition purposes?

You have to have lived in the state a year before entering college or a full year as an outsider in Texas before trying to submit yourself as a resident in order to show residency. Another way to p... Read More »

How to Join a Fraternity?

Frat Initiation Ceremony circa 1920Joining a fraternity is a lifelong decision. Look into all the fraternities on your campus to find out which one you will fit into best.

What is a fraternity smoker?

A fraternity smoker is a meeting that fraternity members host for individuals desiring to join. The smoker provides a discussion on how to apply to the fraternity and members explain fraternity rul... Read More »