Purpose of mixture milk and tomato paste in th body?

Answer Sorry, I've never heard of doing this.

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Is Cheerios With Milk A Heterogeneous Mixture and why?

It's heterogeneous because it consist of different things - milk and cereal. Hetero means "different", as in "heterosexual": Attracted to a different sex.A homogeneous mixture would be a mixture of... Read More »

Homemade Tomato Paste?

Chefs from around the world use tomatoes in many dishes. Tomatoes rich in lycopene, an antioxidant with known cancer-fighting properties, make a healthy dietary addition. The red color of tomatoes... Read More »

Who sells tomato paste in a tube?

Tomato paste is sold by some manufacturers in a convenient, resealable tube. Among these companies are Napoleon, Amore and Oro di Parma. You may purchase these in grocery stores as well as from onl... Read More »

What does p and e mean on a tomato paste can i dont want to eat it expired @!!?

P is the production date. E is the expiry date.But things don't suddenly go off at the expiry date. Open it and smell and taste it. It would be OK for months and months after the expiry.