Purpose of an Idler Arm?

Answer An idler arm is an important component of the steering linkage in many cars and trucks. Each time you turn your steering wheel, you set off a chain reaction of gears and levers that causes your fr... Read More »

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How to Take Off an Idler Arm?

The idler arm supports and stabilizes the center link and is a partner to the Pitman arm. It is located on the passenger side front of the vehicle, and is attached to the frame and right side of th... Read More »

Installation of an Idler Arm?

The idler arm plays an important part of maintaining proper engine health. A spring and pulley both secure to the arm and as the serpentine belt stretches out, the spring connected to the idler arm... Read More »

How to Remove an Idler Arm?

The idler arm on a vehicle is a part of the steering system. It's typically mounted on the passenger side of the chassis, and supports the relay rod that runs across the width of the vehicle. Since... Read More »