Purpose of SWAT Teams?

Answer In its daily fight against various types of crime, law enforcement agencies must use every advantage they have. Such techniques include surveillance systems, undercover operations or inside informa... Read More »

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Weapons Used by SWAT Teams?

Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) teams are small, specially trained and equipped groups of law enforcement officials deployed during volatile or high-risk situations. Such situations can involve ... Read More »

Challenges of SWAT Teams?

Many challenges are faced by our public protective service officers. Members of Special Weapons And Tactics teams, or S.W.A.T. teams for short, face a plethora of obstacles dealing with issues from... Read More »

Physical Training for SWAT Teams?

Physical training for SWAT teams encompasses many aspects of physical conditioning including endurance, speed, strength and agility. Beyond physical strength, physical training for SWAT relies heav... Read More »

Why does ESPN only focus on eastern teams and not Midwest of west teams?

Because ESPN focuses on there sports teams and the sports they think are the best. For example, 65% of their sports center broadcast is NBA, 25% is NFL and 10% is NHL when these 3 sports are all ac... Read More »