Purpose of Protein Expression Analysis?

Answer The study of proteins is an important procedure in biology, carried out in both diagnostic and research laboratories in academia and in industry. Diagnostic protein expression analysis is used to d... Read More »

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What is a recombinant protein expression?

Recombinant protein technology allows us to make, or express, protein from a recombinant DNA construct. To create recombinant DNA, you take your gene of interest and "paste" it together with anothe... Read More »

The Purpose of Hair Analysis?

Hair analysis is performed during the consultation phase of any beauty service to aid the stylist in the selection of products, chemicals and services. Analysis allows the stylist to determine how ... Read More »

The Purpose of Molecular Techniques for DNA Analysis?

Since the discovery of DNA, methods have evolved to study it. Referred to as molecular techniques, they allow manipulation and study of DNA. The most common methods are amplifying, cloning, and seq... Read More »

What Is the Purpose of a Job Analysis as It Relates to Recruitment and Selection?

The objectives of the job analysis effort include defining core competencies required for a position, such as years of prior experience necessary to fulfill job requirements. Objectives also includ... Read More »