Purpose of Gaskets in the Exhaust System?

Answer The purpose of gaskets in a car's exhaust system is to seal connections between joints in the system, directing exhaust emissions to the tailpipe and thus preventing combustion gas emissions from e... Read More »

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What Is the Purpose of an Exhaust Emission System?

Cars, trucks and other vehicles produce exhaust. Exhaust contains multiple air pollutants that have been proven harmful, both to humans and to the environment. Exhaust emission systems are designed... Read More »

How to Change Exhaust Header Gaskets?

Exhaust headers are commonly used in place of cast iron manifolds on performance vehicles and custom cars to increase performance and reduce weight. They use an asbestos gasket between the head and... Read More »

Proper Installation of Exhaust Manifold Gaskets?

A leaking exhaust manifold gasket could make a buzzing sound if the leak is big enough, or it could make a ticking sound. You should replace the bad gasket as soon as you notice that it is bad. On ... Read More »

How to Replace Gold Wing Exhaust Manifold Gaskets?

The exhaust manifold gaskets are sandwiched between the cylinder head and the exhaust pipe flange. Because the Honda Gold Wing is a V-Twin, the motorcycle has two exhaust manifold gaskets. If the g... Read More »