Purple Games for the First Grade?

Answer By the time children reach the first grade, they should have a firm grasp on color recognition. However, if you're a first grade teacher and you find that your students need reinforcements in this ... Read More »

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First Grade Memory Games?

Memory games can be a lot of fun for first-graders but you don't want to make the game too complicated at the beginning. You will want to start out with easy games and slowly work toward more compl... Read More »

First Grade English Games?

First-graders are learning many new things in their English lessons. While in kindergarten they may have been exposed to composition through Writer's Workshop or a Morning Message. In first grade, ... Read More »

Contraction Games for First Grade?

Contractions are words in which certain letters are replaced with an apostrophe. In the English language, contractions are used in written and spoken English. Students in the primary grades read co... Read More »

Fraction Games for First Grade?

During first grade, children begin mastering mathematical skills and concepts, including fractions. From following recipes to purchasing milk or ice cream, fractions are a part of everyday life. Wh... Read More »