Purchased a new computer with vista and its so slow, how can I fix this?

Answer Ok, buying a Mac isn't going to directly fix your problem, despite what one of your answerers is telling you. Your system is slow due to one of two problems:1) It was slow to begin with -- then I w... Read More »

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Why is my windows vista computer slow?

A computer using the Windows Vista operating system must meet certain hardware requirements to perform efficiently. Even if those hardware requirements are met, other factors can also impede system... Read More »

Does upgrading to Vista slow down your computer?

Wow, all these crazy answers! And lots of thumbs down, as usual, from people who didn't switch to linux - and feel threatened by something that doesn't slow down your computer with crapware, malwar... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot a Computer That is Slow to Shut Down on Vista?

While lack of sufficient RAM can significantly slow Windows Vista, as well as its start-up and shut-down, certain applications, drivers or registry settings can also prolong the shut-down process a... Read More »

I purchased a new computer recently but kept my printer. i cant scan pictures into my computer?

Make sure you install the printer driver from the printer's CD onto your computer. Without the driver, your computer will not detect your printer.