Puppy Ear Problems?

Answer Our puppy friends add an endearing aspect to our families. It is, therefore, difficult for pet owners to observe any discomfort or pain they may have. The warning sign that your puppy may have an e... Read More »

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Lab Puppy Problems?

Acquiring a lab puppy is an exciting venture for a family or a single person who wants a loyal furry friend. Conducting the proper breed research is important, however, before deciding to get a lab... Read More »

Puppy Hip Problems?

Owners can become confused or scared when their puppy begins suffering from hip problems. Unfortunately, for some breeds and bloodlines, hip problems beginning during puppyhood are not unusual. Hip... Read More »

What Problems Should I Watch Out for if I Have a Maltese Puppy?

Maltese puppies make ideal pets for people in search of a small, friendly dog. Their long, luxurious white coats require frequent grooming. Their small size -- they typically weigh less than 7 poun... Read More »

Daughter will be 3 in Feb got a new puppy and although she says she loves the puppy she constantly tries to hurt it. After discussion separation and discipline it keeps happening. It scaresme.Whattodo?

Man, this kid likes to punish. There is a thin line between love and showing affection in this way. I heard cats are acting affectionately when the bite at your face, but who needs that. I would ta... Read More »