Punk Rock Hairstyles?

Answer Punk rock isn't just a musical genre. It's a lifestyle. Similar to hip-hop in terms of music inspiring an entire subculture, punk rock is not only evident in music, but also in terms of fashion, li... Read More »

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How to Do Wild Punk Rock Hairstyles for Girls?

Not every girl (or woman) desires salon-styled perfect hair. You may wish to change your appearance and give yourself a wild puck rock hairstyle. A professional hairstylist can cut your hair in ord... Read More »

Hairstyles for Long Hair in a Punk Rock Band?

Punk hairstyles are about self expression and individuality. You can take inspiration from punk rock stars of the past by giving old hairstyles a contemporary twist. Many punk hairstyles feature bo... Read More »

Whats the difference between Gothic Rock and Punk Rock?

Metal Vs. Punk Rock?

While similarities exist between the two genres--their heavy use of guitars, bass and drums, as well as their historical origins and cultural emphasis--the tonal qualities of punk rock and heavy me... Read More »