Punk Makeup Styles?

Answer Punk fashion expression comes in many forms---hair, clothing and make-up. Both men and women can achieve the dark, smoldering punk look with heavy black make-up and pale foundation to give you that... Read More »

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Punk Dreadlock Styles?

Punk dreadlocks are often characterized by hair color and the style that the dreads are worn in. A bright array of hair color is used to dye individual dreads different colors. Sections of dreads m... Read More »

Weird Punk Hair Styles?

A punk look is bold and is influenced by many cultures and styles. Punk hair stands out---the wearer wants to be noticed. Punk hair styles are commonly dyed bright colors to accent the style. Comin... Read More »

Hair Styles for Goth and Punk Girls?

Punk and goth are two fashion styles that grew out of music, and both of these styles feature extreme ornamentation and unusual dress styles. For girls who want to try either the punk or goth style... Read More »

How to Embrace Punk and Finishing School Styles and Still Fit in (for Girls)?

Do you love punk but also love dignity... only on different days? having multiple styles can be difficult, but read on and maybe you can get it to work and still be the popular girl.