Punk Haircuts for Men?

Answer At any punk rock show, you're likely to see all types of punk haircuts for men and women. Punk rockers like to wear their hair in fashions that express their commitment to being outside mainstream ... Read More »

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Punk Haircuts for Teens?

As a teenager, it often feels very important to find your place and to fit in with your peers. Your haircut and clothes can have a lot to do with that and can serve as a way for you to express your... Read More »

Emo and Punk Haircuts for Guys?

Emo and punk hair cuts represent living outside of societal norms and pushing the limits of what is generally accepted. They are fun, crazy and often colorful. Punk music arose in the 1980s and i... Read More »

Short Punk Haircuts for Girls?

Punk haircuts tend to be asymmetrical, short, spiky or a combination of all three. While some punks prefer to cut their own hair or have a friend do the job, it's best to visit a salon if this is y... Read More »

Emo Punk Rock Haircuts for Girls?

Punk rock hairstyles emerged in the 1970s and haven't changed much since. Girls strut some of the same styles as boys when it comes to punk hair styles, but there's also more variety available for ... Read More »