Punishment for a 6 year old.?

Answer I am torn both ways with this but here is how I see it from the teachers point of view - there are 10 + kids in this class and I would guess that all the kids are not getting notes home everyday, w... Read More »

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As a mother, what would be your feelings , punishment and treatment towards your 15 year old daughter if she .?

It would be a huge deal for me, not because I think tattoos are bad, but because the tattoo is likely to be of something that doesn't have real significance to her. I wouldn't force her to remove i... Read More »

What is the proper punishment for my 17 year old who got caught drinking a beer this morning?

Sorry Smurfy. She's at that difficult age. Time to be there but start letting go. Her screw ups are her own now.

Capital Punishment Vs. Civil Punishment?

Capital punishment and civil punishment represent two extremes of legal sentences. Capital punishment, used and debated throughout the world, represents the ultimate punishment, by requiring the li... Read More »

How to Get Out of a Punishment?

If you have nice parents, then you can read the rest but if you get punished a least 2 times a week or threatened to be punished 2 times a week, this probably won't work.