Punctuation pictures?

Answer Check out these large examples of Ascii Art.

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How to Edit for Punctuation?

Correct punctuation -- and punctuation mistakes -- can say a lot about the professionalism of an employee, student or job applicant. Don't neglect correct punctuation as one of the most important f... Read More »

How to Fix English Punctuation?

A punctuation mark is a way to indicate the structure of a sentence. It also helps to know when to pause while reading aloud and when to end a complete thought and continue with another thought. S... Read More »

ESL Punctuation Exercises?

Teach ESL students the correct uses of punctuation in the English Language. Remember, depending on students' native language, they may or may not be familiar with some punctuation, and the use of p... Read More »

What Are Punctuation Marks?

Punctuation marks are symbols used in written language to clarify meaning. In English, they can indicate emphasis, pauses within a sentence or the meaning of a phrase. Punctuation is vital to under... Read More »