Pumice Stone vs. Nail File?

Answer Nail files and pumice stones are both essential tools in spas and beauty salons. However, while nail files are used for both manicures and pedicures, pumice stones are strictly used on the feet.

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How to Use a Pumice Stone?

The pumice stone is formed when hot lava mixes with water and they create a froth that hardens. This porous rock has been used for centuries as an abrasive beauty aid. Ancient Greeks were known for... Read More »

How to Use a Pumice Stone on Feet?

It can be difficult to keep your feet smooth, especially in the winter when skin tends to become dry, leading to rough, cracked skin. A pumice stone is a solid piece of volcanic glass designed to ... Read More »

What Is a Pumice Stone?

Pumice is a type of volcanic rock of solidified lava. It is a product of volcanic eruptions that is formed when lava and water mix. Pumice is usually pale in color, although shades may vary. Althou... Read More »

Pumice Stone Instructions?

Pumice is a lightweight rock made from the cooled foam from the top of volcano lava. This naturally porous material helps remove dead skin cells and callouses from feet and hands. Pumice stones are... Read More »