Pullups and pushups on the same day! help me fitness ppl?

Answer They key here is you need to give each muscle group adequate rest between workout sessions to recover (i.e., heal) before you start working it again. Not doing so will lead to over-training, which... Read More »

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I've messed up with my body posture due to improper and irregular exercises [pushups & pullups]?

It is better for you to consult a Physiotherapist !

How to Do Pullups?

Pullups are an important strengthening tool for gymnasts and other athletes. Many people have a hard time learning to do them.

Help with a fitness routine?

It depends on your current fitness level. Does your park have stops on the path to do exercises? That wold be helpful. You should do 40+ minutes of cardio25 reps of situps and pushups. Add more... Read More »

Help with a fitness issue?

Well you got man boobs. I used to have those as well. I changed my diet and began to drop the weight. You will have to quit the sugar obviously just don't go go cold turkey on it ( quit all sugar i... Read More »