Pulling teeth question?

Answer If she goes to a pediatric dentist, they are wonderful! They may give her a little laughing gas. I don't know if they will give her any drugs intravenously since she is so young, but those dentist ... Read More »

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Is there a noise when pulling teeth out?

There is noise. you will hear the popping sound as the roots break, its a lil disturbing but with the gas you will not care, it will not hurt but you will feel the pressure in your jaw because they... Read More »

Can pulling out my wisdom teeth help my tmj?

NO, if anything it may make it worse if your mouth is cranked open too wide.

What is the procedure for pulling teeth, and what are the after effects?

It's no big deal. The usual procedure is a numbing gel on your gums to lessen the pinch of the local aneanesthesiajections, they are nothing just a little pinch. The let you sit for 5 minutes or so... Read More »

Is it possible for another set of wisdom teeth to grow in after pulling the first set?

"Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Yes it is possible. I have seen second and even third sets of wisdom teeth. They are generally very small and under developed. An x-ray is needed to diagnose properly."F... Read More »