Pulled back muscle or slipped disc?

Answer With the shortness of breath, it definitely sounds like a pulled back muscle.

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I think i pulled my back muscle help!!?

You can cure the pulled back muscle, by taking rest and gently massaging the injured muscle with oil.

Pulled centre back muscle only 19?

I did this when I was 15, Make an appointment local physiotherapist they have set exercises that help. An exercise that helped me immensely was stretching my hamstrings and evening out the strength... Read More »

How to recover from upper back pulled muscle?

It shouldn't take too much longer before it feels a lot better - maybe another week. I would not advise becoming more active at this stage as you run the risk of causing further injury or prolongi... Read More »

What would a doctor prescribe for a pulled muscle in the neck/back?

most pulled muscles they only prescribe rest and an anti-inflamatory medication such as tylenol or motrin. alternate heat and cold packs for 20 min durations for relief. take the tylenol as directe... Read More »