Public-Speaking Training Objectives?

Answer Many people fear public speaking, but this reluctance can be overcome with proper training. There are a variety of public-speaking courses available for interested individuals. These could be an el... Read More »

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Four Objectives of Persuasive Speaking?

Persuasive speakers are notorious for being able to sway the opinions of others through elegantly constructed and simply spoken logical arguments. If you are learning how to speak persuasively, you... Read More »

What is the art of public speaking?

Public speaking is an art form that can be improved with study and practice. Whether your goal is to entertain, educate or persuade your audience, public speaking is a very useful skill to possess.... Read More »

How to Entertain While Public Speaking?

Many people would rather die than have to speak publicly, and very often, the audience would rather die than be sitting there listening to a boring, dry speech/talk. This article will give you some... Read More »

Schools for Public Speaking?

The fear of speaking in public can be an intimidating experience, and is often a great obstacle in people's careers and lives. Fortunately, like any other skill it can be improved, mastered and eve... Read More »