Public & Private Laws for 900 Number Calls?

Answer 900-number telephone calls -- which involve a charge per call -- are often numbers for adult services but this is not the only option. 900 numbers allow entertainment and news access, plus shopping... Read More »

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If someone calls you by a private number?

From what I've heard you can call the phone company and find out only if they've committed a crime like threaten your life or something.

If someone calls you private, how can you get their number or call it back Thanks.?

Don't know if it still works, but *69 used to give you the number of last incoming call.ADD: Just looked up Bell Star Codes:*57 Traces incoming call*69 Returns last incoming call*77 Blocks Anonymu... Read More »

I have a private caller that calls my number every day and hangs up on me as soon as i answer the phone?

Although u can directly ask him......haha....but i have an idea for somewhat unsual but u can try go to ....the site mention in sources put his/her no. there after clicking on recharge now then jus... Read More »

How can i activate my house phone not to accept private calls i know its star followed by a 2 digit number?

It maybe a Caller ID feature with you phone company. Call your phone service. The list below shows the codes associated features used with *xx