Puberty question, girls help :)?

Answer Hello,Here are the stages of puberty for a girl. I think this will help to answer a few of your questions.Stage IPuberty in girls begins at the age of 8 or 9, signs of which are experienced interna... Read More »

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Girls only-puberty question?

Gross why didn't I listen to your warning. ah!

Help!!! Question for Girls!?

Pantie liners are not for while you're on your period. Use a pad. Every girl has some underwear with blood stains. I call them my "period underwear" As soon as I start I change into my period under... Read More »

PUBERTY question!?

yeah, puberty is funny like that... be patient - you'll have a body that makes sense in the end

Question for girls please help!!!?

Straghtening might have done some damage, even if it's not noticible to the eye or touch. But generally over time as you get older curls sometimes grow out and become less like curls and more wavy... Read More »