Psychological Tests Used by Disability Evaluators?

Answer When being tested for disability, a psychological assessment is an important part of the overall process of determining eligibility for services. In general, a thorough psychological assessment for... Read More »

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Psychological Tests Used to Examine Preschool Children's Intellectual Abilities?

Intelligent Quotient or IQ tests are psychological tests used to measure intelligence in both adults and children. For children, specific tests are used to look at the child's intelligence with reg... Read More »

Questions on Psychological Tests?

Psychological tests measure personality, intelligence, cognitive skills, and specific constructs such as self-esteem. The confidentiality of the questions on the test varies. You can find questions... Read More »

Characteristics of Psychological Tests?

Clinical and counseling psychologists use psychological tests or assessment instruments to diagnose mental functioning or disability, evaluate personality or intelligence, determine effectiveness o... Read More »

Psychological Tests on Stress & Pain?

Testing stress and pain is notoriously difficult for psychologists. This is because reporting pain and stress is a subjective matter and can vary widely from person to person.