Psychological Skills in Learning Science?

Answer Science is an ever-changing body of knowledge characterized by a particular method as well as a particular spirit of inquiry. Scientific inquiry involves several psychological values that learners ... Read More »

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Teaching and Learning Activities in Science Using Reasoning Skills?

Teaching children to reason though a problem is an important part of teaching them about science. For instructors teaching science classes, it is useful to come up with a number of activities that ... Read More »

What pre-handwriting skills/learning experiences can you suggest for developing fine moter skills in 5 yr olds?

I wrote an answer that dealt with writing recently. It has more to do with writing numbers than letters, but I hope it helps._______________________________What we use to get students to write numb... Read More »

Psychological Theories of Learning Styles?

The manner in which a person learns most readily is referred to as a learning style. Psychologists and educators alike have long been attempting to understand and utilize specific learning styles ... Read More »

Self-Directed Learning and Its Effects on Psychological Development?

As individuals grow out of the classroom setting and formal education, having the ability to engage in self-directed learning is essential to continually expand one's skills and knowledge. While so... Read More »