Psychological Motivational Techniques?

Answer Maslow's psychological theory of the hierarchy of needs or motives states that human beings have basic and growth needs. Basic needs such as physiological and safety needs should be fulfilled befor... Read More »

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Types of Motivational Techniques?

At times it's hard to get yourself motivated, whether it's for day-to-day tasks or something greater. You may find that when you make a list of items to complete in a given day, you're much more a... Read More »

Motivational Techniques in the Classroom?

Motivation can greatly enhance learning. It provides incentive and helps avert boredom and disengagement in students. Teachers can influence student motivation by engaging in specific practices and... Read More »

Motivational Techniques for First-Grade Students?

Keeping school-age children motivated can be a challenge. First-grade students enjoy playing and having fun, but they do not always want to pay attention, complete lessons and follow the rules. Whe... Read More »

Assessment Techniques for Psychological Tests?

Psychological tests or assessment techniques evaluate intelligence or personality, diagnose mental disorders, appraise disability or functioning abilities, determine appropriate treatment, assess t... Read More »