Psychological Effects on the Body?

Answer Your psychological state is directly connected to your physical body, causing noticeable changes in your physical condition as a result of specific emotional and psychological stimulants. Your phys... Read More »

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Psychological Effects of Betrayal?

Perhaps no action in life stings more than betrayal. To feel betrayed, you have to trust someone enough to be hurt by their unexpected actions. Recovering from this hurt can leave you unwilling to ... Read More »

Psychological Effects of Fatherlessness?

Every child has a father but not every child has a father consistently in his life. This state of fatherlessness has a psychological effect on young people as they grow up and form their own identi... Read More »

Psychological Effects of Parental Death?

The psychological effects the death of a parent will have on a child will go far beyond the immediate time period after the passing. The child will experience side effects for years following, even... Read More »

Types of Psychological Effects on Soldiers?

When most people think about the casualties of war, they think of physical injuries and death tolls. However, the psychological casualties of war are just as widespread as the physical ones. Psycho... Read More »