Pssst! I got a pot of City roast going on in the kitchen, you want in on this?

Answer What do you think? Of course I do.

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I want a tattoo, how bad is this going to hurt?

It's just a sharp pain but you don't really feel it because it goes numb get a needle/nail and drag it down your skin on the place of your body you want it as hard as you can but not hard enough to... Read More »

The downstairs kitchen light keeps flickering..does this mean the bulb is going out or is it a fire hazard?

First of all, fix whatever you have to to prevent the cat doing that.Next, try tightening the bulb a little bit.If that doesn't fix it, you may need to get up into the ceiling and make sure all the... Read More »

If you want to install a new kitchen sink about 12 inches from the present location can the plumbing be moved to accommodate this?

Im going to mexico city this wednesday. should i wear my best clothes out in the streets.? .w. Look at the mursers and deaths in mexico and tell me if you still wanna go