Psp memory question!?

Answer format it with pc, then format with psp, might then recognise it

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A question about memory card?

u should first copy ur files from the old memory card and put them on ur desktop then put ur new memory card in ur laptop-computer then just paste them in the new memory card.

The memory card question?

If you already have a camera, you should buy the kind of memory that fits your camera.If you don't have a camera, then get a camera which takes SD memory or SD and SDHC memory. There are many manu... Read More »

Question about my memory flash drive?

On the computers where it DOESN'T work, right-click on My Computer, Manage, and Disk Management. See if any of the drives in the lower section are named U3 or something similar. Right-click on it a... Read More »

Question about micro sd memory card?

first of all being a geek it bothers me that you said that micro sd is the smallest format, it is actually memory stick m2 micro, sorry im such a geek. now for your problem I think that you are rig... Read More »