Pseudomonal Nail Infection?

Answer For many people, maintaining neat, clean, healthy nails is part of a personal hygiene routine. Unfortunately, it's not difficult to pick up an unattractive nail infection. One of these is called ps... Read More »

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How to Naturally Treat a Nail Infection and Nail Fungus with Vitamins?

One way to naturally treat a nail infection and nail fungus is with vitamins. If you catch a nail infection or fungus towards the beginning, it's usually fairly easy to treat it without taking medi... Read More »

Acrylic Nail Infection?

Many people choose acrylic nails to enhance the beauty of their hands and feet. Artificial nails provide cosmetic advantages for those who have weak and splitting nails and for anyone who likes to ... Read More »

Fungal Nail Infection Remedies?

While it may begin as a small white spot underneath a fingernail or toenail, a fungal infection can spread, causing the nail to thicken, turn a different color or crumble. Medications are available... Read More »

Can bleach kill a nail infection?

Bleach may be able to kill a nail infection, but the safety of its use is questionable because it can damage tissue. To treat with bleach, cut your nail and file the nail plate to allow the bleach ... Read More »